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Our Difference 

All of the groups of AAMSD strive to play on the highest level. We dig deep in rehearsals to understand the emotional content and stylistic meaning of the world’s greatest masterpieces. What makes this organization unique is the fun we have along the path to seeking greatness.

Whether it is the Halloween concert where everyone plays in costume, narrowly escaping the clutches of the ghostly conductors, or screaming at the hair-raising thrill of a haunted stage full of fog, ghosts and goblins and surprises. We have fun making music as we take a trip to Disneyland to play a concert, perform a Holiday concert for our families (followed by potluck dinners where we all socialize and make new friends). We vary our concert sites, traveling to some of the most beautiful halls in San Diego and beyond. The small groups that participate in Jazz and Chamber Music provide our students the opportunity to be soloists as they make music together. These ensembles have the opportunity to play for hire, or give of their talent as a gift to retirement homes to the delight of our senior citizens.

All About Music San Diego is all about having fun making music together with a deep dedication to excellence.

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