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ATTENTION - Auditions will resume on July 13.
Call 619-276-2057 to make arrangements.

To arrange an audition:


Call (619) 276-2057

Auditions are held on Saturdays at 1 pm

1717 Morena Blvd. 

(Musicians Association)



*You may audition for all groups year round. No auditions needed for beginning violin, viola, and cello. You will be heard by Mary Gerard. There is no Registration fee.

At audition appointment bring the following:


1.   Registration form

2.   Tuition Payment ($400 for beginning Orchestra. May be made in two payments.)

3.   A copy of our policy

4.   A request for partial scholarship


*Mary will listen to the audition and place the student according to their present level of technique and where they will benefit the most from expert instruction. A student may re-audition at anytime during the year if they want to advance to a higher level of difficulty. Here are guidelines and requirements for each group.



Requirements for each group are as follows:


Con Brio.   Level two and three.. (Suzuki book 3)  Student should prepare a scale of or two octaves …be acquainted to up to 3 sharps and one flat.  Simple sight reading will be included in the audition  (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes) Students should prepare a solo of the student’s choice.  


All About Music Advanced Orchestra.  Level 3 to 5 to advanced..  (Suzuki book 4 and higher)  3 octave scales up to 3 sharps and 3 flats.  A solo of the student’s choice.  Sight reading.   This orchestra selects music from the standard professional repertoire. All students are invited to perform a solo with the orchestra.  (AAMSD works with the private teacher and follows their recommendations) 



Forms and Policy


*AAMSD has a limited availability of scholarship funds. Financial need is the primary factor when determining awards. In order to provide assistance to as many families as possible please consider how much you need financial assistance, or if a installment plan of tuition fees will suit your needs. Scholarship Applications may be picked up after the auditions on September 8. All information is confidential. Only complete applications will be considered. A COPY OF YOUR PRIOR YEAR FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN WILL BE REQUIRED FOR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION. No talented student will be turned away due to financial challenge.

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