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Welcome to All About Music San Diego! Our organization has wonderful musical training waiting for you, whether you are an advanced student seeking a career in music or a parent seeking to explore and expose your talented child to their first group musical experience.


AAMSD asks our students to dare to be great! We provide the best of traditional world music for our orchestras.


Students discover the joy that preparing and sharing the greatest music ever written brings. We ask our students to refine their musical skills to the highest level, and we offer them the thrill of playing their concerti with orchestra accompaniment in beautiful venues throughout San Diego.


Playing chamber music allows them to find their own voice and teaches them to listen, blend, have courage, make friends and be “team players.”

The staff of AAMSD seek to inspire young musicians to become the artists and exceptional human beings that we know they can be. We urge them to share their gift of music with others and we want our musicians to make a difference in the world. Great teachers from all over San Diego entrust their private students to us.


We know that by working together, with private teachers and school conductors, our students will play a major role in the future of musical life in San Diego and beyond. Won’t you join us on your own personal musical journey?


If you are a serious musician,  and want to be the best you can be, we would love to help you realize your dream. We have all the treasures of music literature waiting to share with you.

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